Just when you thought James Corden's Carpool Karaoke series couldn't get any bigger, he scoops up Cardi B for a drive around Los Angeles.

Cardi and Corden get things poppin' immediately, spitting the Bronx rapper's breakout hit "Bodak Yellow," with Cardi appropriately decked out in a chic mustard-yellow outfit. Cardi soon grabs her water bottle, open the passenger side window, and starts rapping into her makeshift “mic” to the world outside the SUV. This is already great.

Cardi explains that despite her seemingly overnight success with ‘Bodak Yellow,” she’d been grinding for years, first touring the country stripping in clubs around the country, then working the sounds she heard in different regions into her own music.

Cardi’s newest single “Money” starts and she and Corden go toe-to-toe with the sizzling verses. As the pair pull up to a red light, kids at recess in a nearby schoolyard notice the rap star and freak out. Cardi yells to them from her window about staying in school and listening to their moms, “or you won’t be getting no Christmas gifts!” Cardi is for the children.

When Cardi admits that, despite owning at last four luxury cars, she can’t drive (this is how you know she’s really from New York), Corden offers to give her a driving lesson. They head to a course of flags and cones already set up in an empty lot nearby and switch seats. Cardi hilariously gives it her best shot but it’s safe to say she’s good on driving for awhile.

At one point a noticeably less-hype Cardi looking directly into the camera while rapping a "Be Careful." We're not sure when this was taped but we can’t help but wonder if on-going drama with now-ex Offset was going through her head.

Corden shifts gears soon enough, surprising the rapper with a stop at a local senior center to see if her music translates to an "older audience."

Cardi performs her Latin-flavored hit “I Like It” while dancing among the group. Her personality and energy quickly win them over, and we can't say we're very surprised. One older gentleman even asks Cardi if she’s single while dancing with her. “Uh, sure!” Cardi responds with a big nervous smile.

This was perhaps one of the best Carpool Karaoke segments in a long time and we somehow love Cardi even more now. Watch the full segment above now.

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