Bethany Gregory was going to open a café and event center at the previous Six Mile Falls Store about 6 months ago or so. But the infrastructure changes required were more complex than anticipated.

So she operated The Scotch Bonnet food truck for the summer.

And while taking her daughter to the Bangor Mall a few months ago realized that the only place to get food in the mall was inside G Force. Lightbulbs appeared over her head.

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Realizing that there was no place to eat at the mall for shoppers or for those working there, she decided to open up a place and set the wheels in motion.

And so far, things have worked out more quickly than even anticipated.

Today is Bethany’s final inspection, and if all goes as expected she will open The Candor Café on Monday. Although it will be an incomplete opening as food and supplies will still be in the process of being delivered.  Tuesday might be smoother.

First the name, Candor Cafe.

The meaning of candor is 'the quality of being open and honest in expression; frankness.'

And the word honest is in the description. Honest food. Meaning knowing everything about what is being made and sold. And know that the owner/chef is a certified nutritionist too.

Also, she grew up in the town of Candor in upstate New York.

Candor Café located at Center Court in Bangor Mall (where Starbucks was) will offer breakfasts. And flatbreads and sandwiches and salads. The anticipation is that the demand will be for food in the morning into early afternoon, hence the menu.


Even though she went to college for computer science, once she graduated she realized it was not something she loved.

And she heard what so many of us have heard in our lives.

If you can get paid to do what you loved to do as a child you’ll never feel like you are working day after day

Bethany grew up cooking with her grandmother and enjoying it

And although Bangor Mall does have a lot of empty storefronts, it also has a lot of stores. And mostly local, independent non-chain stores.

The Candor Café should be the perfect addition.

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