The Madawaska Police Department is looking for a new team member to join their force in the St. John Valley. There are some forces across the country are losing funding and are having to reorganize to adjust to the loss of necessary money. Recruiting employees in any industry right now is extremely difficult, and more so in law enforcement.


The Maine Criminal Justice Academy will graduate 67 new police graduates complete their training on Friday. This would make a great first job for any of the newly trained cadets. In order to recruit a possible candidate, the Madawaska Police Department put a unique ad on Facebook promoting the position. Take a look.

Great job, by the team at the Madawaska PD. I'd like to show a little extra support to the person who volunteered to take on the role of Pennywise here. It's not every day you show up to work expected to dress up like a clown and go hang out in a storm drain. I am wondering did the donuts get thrown out or were they picked up before the "5 second rule” expire?

Won't you be my neighbor? 

The thing I enjoy about this ad is that is shows a great sense of humor and creativity. Many people forget that these officers are people just like us and that they have a sense of humor. Throughout my life I have found that as long as I am respectful and obeying the law, I will have a positive relationship with law enforcement. Weird how that works isn't it?  

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Congratulations to the new graduates of the police academy and I ask that you consider joining the team in Madawaska. This is a great place to live and you will be supported by The County. 

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