Evan Nadeau, 7-years-old of Madawaska has become self-published. How did he complete this amazing dream? I'm glad you asked.

During the Pandemic he decided to write about what makes him happiest, his dogs. Tanner and Sadie are his two rescue dogs and Evan says,

I really like my pets. My dogs were my first ever pets


This is all according to WABI and because of the inspiration from his dogs, he wrote an adventurous story about Tanner in his backyard. The book is called Tanner and the Magic Tongue.

Evan's mom says,

He used giant paper so he could illustrate, and I would write the words that he wanted me to write. Then we did it for a Zoom class. He loves to illustrate it and draw and map it out. You can see the wheels turning so, it has been really fun watching him.


The book is so incredible that his teacher at school entered it into a contest and he won!

Because of his success in the book, Evan was then able to work with the publishing company out of New Brunswick called, Monster House Publishing.

As of now, Evan has written 7 books that are at home and is published with Tanner and The Magic Tongue.

According to the article, Evan wants to sell 100,000 books because he wants to be a billionaire. Way to shoot for the stars, Evan!

His amazing book about his pup will officially be released on February 28th.

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