Spoiler: Your dooryard can stay a holiday wonderland as long as you want!

Maine certainly has some bizarre laws. Like how it's illegal in Augusta to walk down the street playing a violin. Someone please warn Charlie Daniels. However, contrary to articles published on all over the internet, Maine does not have a law that says when you need to remove your holiday decorations.

Most of the articles say decorations must be removed by January 14. The 'law' simply might have been a city or town ordnance at one point.

Back in 2013 The Portland Press Herald looked into this misconception. After interviewing folks at the legislative law library in Augusta they confirmed no such law exists here in Maine.

In 2012 Fox Business News listed Maine's nonexistent law as second-dumbest state law in the country...oops.

So feel free to indulge in some post-Christmas procrastination!

If you live next to a house like this:

We feel sorry for you...

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