These guys are living the dream

Arthur Smith and Dakota Deady have jobs that anyone would envy. They work for the "Buzz Feed Bring Me" YouTube channel, where they get to travel all across the country to go on adventures in search of the best food, drink and fun.

Without a doubt if you love food, you will not find anywhere better than Portland. The simply have some of the greatest restaurants in the entire country, And if you crave lobster rolls, that is the place to be. With that in mind, Arthur & Dakota went in search of the best Maine lobster roll, and hit several well know Portland establishments. Check out the video, it just may give you some ideas the nezt time you visit. Below are the Top 5

  • Eventide Oyster Company features a signature brown butter lobster roll that theyserve on a bao bun!
  • The Highroller Lobser Company serves their lobster rolls on brioche bread, and they make their own sauces. Not only that, but you can have it anyway you want. You can add bacon, cheese, and a variety of other options
  • Portland Lobster Company brings you the ulitamte tradional lobster roll that is one of the best in the city
  • Bite Into Maine is a food truck that features "Maine-Centric" treats. They have a couple locations, including one located outside at Allagash Brewing Copmpany. By the way, nothing goes better with a fresh Maine lobster than ice cold beer
  • And the last stop is the legendary Becky's Diner which has been serving up awesome food(including maybe the best breakfast I've ever had) since 1991

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