We made it through Thanksgiving and Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. Nothing like a 4 day weekend, especially with 4 different kinds of pie. If I know anything, I know America needs more 4 day weekends. I don’t want to get greedy, but 2 or 3 more would really set up our lives into a better place.

Americans spend a record amount of money on Black Friday, but not at retail stores. Store traffic was down by over 50%.  The way the record was achieved was, you got it, on-line. Did you do your part?  I did mine.

Today is actual Cyber Monday when we’re all shopping from work. I know there are still a lot of people working from home, so easy for them.  It’s more fun when you’re shopping from the office when you’re supposed to be working, instead of doing it from home, right?

My purchase today for Cyber Monday is a book. For myself. I buy books all the time, but not like this one. Let’s back up.  Sean Faircloth has a connection to Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center in Bangor. He is the Executive Director. And if you are like I am, and continually ask yourself what can I do during the Pandemic to stay busy, to amuse myself, and to do some good, you'll love this. Sean decided to take photos. Every photo was taken in Bangor. He’s not a professional photographer, just someone with a plan. The photos he took, day after day during the Pandemic are now a book. “Pandemic Strolls Bangor; One City in the Year of Covid”.  And every dime from the book goes to benefit Together Place Peer Run Recovery Center. Copies of the book are only $20. And if you want to be more involved in helping with more money and can make a monthly donation to the center, you’ll get more copies of the book.  Details here.

Anyone from Bangor or the surrounding area will love this book. It will make a lovely gift. And you’ll be helping someone. We know how difficult fund raising is this year, so consider this book to help others. And trust me, you'll enjoy flipping through this book.

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