Is Britney Spears writing a tell-all book?

Back in 2008, Spears teased the possibility of releasing a "good, mysterious book" about her life during her documentary For the Record. More recently she alluded to the possibility in a series of posts on social media. Now it looks like that day may be on the horizon.

And, if the rumors are true, she'll net a massive payday in the process.

According to a report by Page Six, the "Toxic" superstar has inked a publishing deal to release a book through Simon & Schuster. The publication reports that the company shelled out upward of $15 million to get the Princess of Pop on their roster of authors.

A source told Page Six that the deal was "one of the biggest of all time," and that it came following a bidding war.

How would a $15 million deal compare to other celebrity releases?

The New York Post reports that Barack and Michelle Obama snatched what was rumored to be a $60 million deal for their books in 2017. In 2016, Insider reported that comedian Amy Schumer received a rumored $8-10 million advance on hers.

The Sun alleges that Spears has been wanting to write her own story ever since her sister Jamie Lynn Spears released a memoir called Things I Should Have Said earlier this year.

"Britney is absolutely ready to explode, she's livid at the way Jamie Lynn has represented a version of their relationship that doesn't resemble the truth," a source told the publication.

The sisters have exchanged words on social media. Britney called her younger sister "scum" in response to allegations that she held them in a room together while yielding a knife.

Rolling Stone reports that Britney's lawyer sent a cease and desist letter to Jamie Lynn due to claims that were being made about the pop star while Jamie Lynn was on a promo tour.

Britney's fans have also come out in support of the star. Many took to social media to laugh after photos circulated of Jamie Lynn's book on display in the fiction section.

Although she has not outright confirmed plans to release a book, Britney Spears has teased the possibility on social media.

In January, she posed a photo of a typewriter on Instagram. "Shall I start from THE BEGINNING," she asked in the accompanying caption. (Yes, please do.)

Check out the post below:

Spears also alluded to "exciting projects ahead" in a caption that accompanied a photo of her with her lawyer Mathew Rosengart.

Page Six notes that neither Spears nor Simon & Schuster have yet to confirm the rumored book deal.

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