Britney Ever After, the unauthorized Lifetime Original Britney Spears biopic breathlessly hailed by Sarah Michelle Gellar as "#OppositeofOscar"-worthy, was basically a ratings flop.

The numbers are in, and while execs might have been hoping for a so-bad-it's-good social phenomenon as with SyFy's Sharknado, Britney Ever After failed to generate actual views alongside the scathing reviews.

"Lifetime’s movie Britney Ever After didn’t do much with a 0.4 and 1.01 million viewers. That compares unfavorably to recent originals Beaches (0.6, 2.21 million) and Surviving Compton (0.9, 2.29 million)," reports TV By The Numbers.

To compare further to more similar programming: Lifetime's Whitney biopic brought in an audience of 4.5 million, and the Aaliyah biopic achieved a viewership of 3.2 million.

Oops! It's almost as though no one was really interested in watching an non-"blessed" account of Brit Brit's life crafted around hearsay and tabloid headlines.

Better luck next time, Lifetime.

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