The Brewer Police Department has addressed a rash of reports on social media of alleged scary encounters in local parking lots.

Most of us, I think, have seen the posts on social media. There have been a number of stories, in recent weeks, of strangers approaching peoples' vehicles, trying to distract them, and then attempting to open the doors next to children in the car. It's frightening and has started a feeling of panic, for some, about the idea of going into these situations alone.

So Brewer Police have gone to the same medium to allay residents' fears, posting on Facebook about the importance of reporting anything you see, and doing it immediately, so the alleged suspects don't have time to move on. While they don't say there's no validity to all the reports, they do remind residents that not everything they read on social media is factual. It's important to think about the source of the information, and whether it's someone they know or trust.

They've explained it so much better than I ever could, so I'm attaching the post and you can read it for yourself. Remember, be vigilant when you're out in public, but also, don't let your fears take over your sense of reason. And if you see something that seems suspicious, say something. Report it immediately, to the police or to store security. Most importantly, don't wait to post it on social media. If you see something, SAY something.

Thank you to the Brewer Police Department for addressing this issue.

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