An adorable Facebook photo shows a Brewer Police Officer enjoying a cup of lemonade being sold by a little girl in my old neighborhood.

I'd heard about the photo of the cop who stopped at a little girl's roadside stand, but didn't realize until I saw the picture, that it was taken in the neighborhood I grew up in. Suddenly, when I saw it, I was transported back to a simpler time when I, too, used to sell lemonade (or Kool-aid) on the side of Silk Street.

My two brothers and our friends used to do all sorts of things to try and raise money. Selling drinks was one way. But we also used to paint pictures on rocks and sell them. And at least once, we made figures out of the clay that's so plentiful in that area, dried them in the sun, and painted them before putting them up for sale.

Of course, most of what we sold was bought by parents in the neighborhood. And I'm sure they took those painted rocks or painted clay figures and tossed them in the backyard (or in the trash). But, to us, we were doing something special.

I hope this little girl had a successful day with her lemonade stand. And I applaud the police officer who took the time to visit her yard. I'm sure it meant the world to her.

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