A newer business in Brewer is showing its impact as we enter a new year here in the Bangor area.

Win-Win, a donation boutique, opened in late 2020, with a unique and inspiring business model. It opened in the old Van Raymond's building on South Main Street in Brewer with a fresh take on a favorite classic.

An Innovative Thrift Store In Brewer

This business is like a typical thrift store that resells used items. This business takes in donated items with the intent for a portion of sales to benefit local non-profits in the Bangor area. Some items get a face-lift before they make it to the sales floor, whereas other items are fine to put out for sale as-is.

The focus of this business is to give unwanted items a true-second chance at being rehomed and saving our landfills from the trash that really isn't trash. Additionally, items that would have been trash give the opportunity for local charities to have some extra funding that would have just gone in a landfill.

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Win-Win For Bangor Area Non Profits for 2021

Late last week, ABC 7/ FOX22 did a story about this innovative retailer that shared the results of its hard work throughout the long, pandemic-filled year in which Win-Win was able to pass along $12,000 to the local Bangor area charities.

The list of area charities that donors can choose to have their money allocated to include the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter, the Good Shepherd Food Bank, and the Bangor Humane Society along with dozens of other charities. Shopping at the retailer you are aware of which charities the 10% of the sales price will go towards.

Support This Bangor Area Business And Bigger Year-End Totals

Visit Win-Win for an even better year-end total for 2022, by visiting them at 338 South Main Street in Brewer, check out their website, and follow them on Facebook to see what new items are up for sale.

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