The Bangor area will be descended upon this weekend for the annual EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge, which brings walkers, runners, cyclists, and more to Brewer for the fundraising efforts for cancer research and to raise funds for patient care.

This year you can expect a few of the EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge events to happen this weekend with a few more planned in mid-September. This weekend's events, however, will take place on some well-traveled roads in Brewer.

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Saturday will be the run-and-cycle event for the fundraiser which will start at 43 Whiting Hill Road in Brewer. Participants can choose between being at the event in-person or virtually, but those limited number of in-person participants will be starting their 5K journey at Whiting Hill Road and moving down Dirigo Drive, down Parkway South, up Elm Street, through Green Point Road, and along Dirigo Drive again.


Those participating in the cycling portion who choose to do the 10K option on Saturday will be on the roads in the 5k area as well but also traveling along Lambert Road, Day Road, along Main Road North in Brewer, and along Route 178 on the Bradley Road.

There is also a 50/75/101 mile bicycle route that runs through Brewer, Eddington, Bradley, Milford, and into Greenbush, West Enfield, and ends in Lincoln for the greatest length of the route on the east side of the Penobscot River.

On Sunday, the walking challenge will be taking the same route as Saturday's 5k portion so plan on parts of South Brewer to be filled with walkers.

This year the event has already raised over $300,000 for the cause, meeting and exceeding their goal.

See the maps at the 'EMMC Champion the Cure' website and find out more about this year's event on the 'EMMC Champion the Cure Challenge' Facebook page and on the '2021 EMMC Champion the Cure' website.

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