Even Maine's number one funny guy couldn't help the New England Patriots on Sunday

This past weekend was the one we have all been waiting for since February. With the dismal season the Boston Red Sox have put on the field, it has been a long, boring summer if you love watching sports, so the first Sunday Funday of the year was welcomed with open arms.

Comedian Bob Marley is a self-acknowledged New Patriots Super Fan, so to get everyone hyped up, he posted a video to his Facebook about his excitement over the brand new NFL season.

After rocking out to a little AC/DC with his Pats winter hat on, he gives his best effort to try to get people excited about what may just be an average Pats team this year. Time will tell. He even has a picture of QB Mac Jones hanging on his wall.

They ended up losing to the Miami Dolphins 20-7, but they, there is always this Sunday, when the Pats take on the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1pm.

As for Bob, he has added a second show for his stop at the Collins Center for The Arts in Orono, on Saturday, October 1st. Get all the info on tickets at his website

He will also hit the Waterville Opera House, on Sunday, October 2nd, at 8 p.m.!

Also, check out his Facebook page for info on his upcoming shows, and he always posts funny videos of his daily adventures.

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