One of the coolest parts (aside from the weather) of living in New England, in my humble opinion, is being able to go apple picking in the fall.

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There's something so refreshing about being in an orchard, with the sweet smell of apples all around you. It was one of my favorite memories of when I was little, and I am so glad it's something my kids now look forward to each year.

Tetiana Soares
Tetiana Soares

In fact, apple picking in Maine is such a popular fall activity, it even has its very own day to celebrate--and it's coming up this weekend!

So put on your boots and flannels (or at the very least pack them just in case) load up your cars, and head to your nearest local orchard for Maine Apple Sunday.

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According to the Maine Pomological Society's website (they specialize in all things apple:

"The Maine State Pomological Society will hold the 22nd annual Maine Apple Sunday on September 18, 2022, with participating orchards around the state. Maine Apple Sunday starts the peak of the apple harvest when summer apples are still available but the main crop is ready for its first pick. Apple orchards from Wells to Caribou will celebrate by offering special activities and free samples of apple products."

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And in Maine, there's no shortage of Nature's delicious treats.

"There are well over 100 varieties of apples currently grown in Maine, but most farms grow about 20 to 30 different varieties. Currently, McIntosh is the most commonly grown variety in New England and remains one of the top ten most widely grown varieties in the US. "

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Whether you're someone who goes picking every year or a complete novice, this is a fantastic, low-stress day for sampling, learning, and enjoying some of the bounties we have here in the state. A fun family activity or something you could even do as a "sweet" couples activity, make sure you head out and make the most of Maine Apple Sunday this weekend.

For a list of orchards near you, go to .

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