Billie Eilish is having quite the week. She was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live's 45th Season Premiere this weekend. And just before that, she closed out The Tonight Show's "Live Week" by talking to Jimmy Fallon about her new tour.

Eilish said that the "Where Do We Go" World tour, which will start in Florida next spring, and then head straight overseas, will be a "green" tour. She went on to explain that her management has hired a company called REVERB, which specializes in issues of climate change and environmental sustainability, to ensure her tour will leave as small of a footprint as possible on the environment. She mentioned that no plastic straws will be allowed, and fans will be encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

The tour will wrap up, in London, in July of 2020.

And here's the "Pocketful of Hs" video Elisih talks about during the interview:

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