If you are looking for a great way to get the kids outside and get some exercise during school vacation this summer, check out this camp being put on by the Bangor Parks and Recreation Department.

Bangor Parks and Rec are putting on a mountain bike camp where kids can bring their bikes and venture through the Essex Woods in Bangor.

The camp will take place next week July 16th to the 20th and feature two different times throughout the week for kids of varying ages to enjoy the woods of Bangor.

According to the website, kids will learn fundamental biking skills (safety, riding skills, and bike maintenance) with the overall goal of the camp is to get kids outside biking and enjoying our local trails.

The two age groups include grades 1 -3 and grades 4 - 6.

It is encouraged for you to register your child, which you can do on the Bangor Parks and Rec website. The cost is $40 for a registered child and $50 if not registered., $40 if registered prior to date.

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