Do you have a bestie where you work?  Someone you can make the most lewdest comments to or seek solace in their advice?

I think Mainers are more likely to develop friendships at work as a way to stay social.  The winters are hard and sometimes the only thing that can get us out of bed is our paycheck so throw in a great friendship and it makes perfect sense.  Some businesses in the area that I've personally witnessed good friendships include Bullmoose and Angelo's Pizza.

According to Gallup, two out of ten employees strongly agree they have a best friend at work.  Not only do those two employees (who must have been best friends) have a best friend that they work with but these employees also have a tendency to be more productive.

The numbers say it all: sixty-three percent of women who have a best friend at work are twice as likely to be engaged at work than twenty-nine percent of women who say otherwise.

Gallup reports that there is "a link between having a best friend at work and the amount of effort employees expend in their jobs."

Gallup credits the way we look at jobs now, as opposed to a century ago, is more rounded in that we want more than just money out of our jobs but also more internal satisfaction.

The report also threw in that if the two-to-ten best friends at work ratio moved higher to six-to-ten, there would be fewer safety incidents, more engaged customers and a twelve percent higher profit.

Also, workers would be less likely to be looking for an outside job.

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