There are so many people in our community that put their time, support, and even lives on the line to protect their community.

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There are few times that the community can give back to these great supporters of the community but there is a family that provides amazing services for the Bangor area that is in need of our support. Here's how we can help.

Area fire departments and first responders have been sharing information on social media about a benefit supper for one Fire Chief and his partner who lives in the Bangor area.

The benefit supper was organized to help out the Orrington Fire Chief and family, Scott & Kandi Stewart, during a trying time of a new cancer diagnosis for this family. The Fire Chief of Orrington has also been a part of the Brewer Fire crew for over 20 years. So, there have been many hours of service that the communities of Brewer and Orrington have benefited from from this family and now is your opportunity to give back!

The supper will take place Friday, May 6th from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the RJP Masonic Lodge in Orrington.

The suggested donation is $10. You can choose to grab a bite, take a seat, and dine in, or you can choose to grab some dinner and go. This supper will also feature baskets that will be raffled off as well.

Help out a local Maine family in need and plan on bringing your appetite on May 6th. We wish the best for this wonderful family and know the community will come out to help them in their time of need.

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