Any dog would be lucky enough to have an owner love them so much that they take them to their local dog park. What's great is if your dog has a local dog park to actually live near, especially in a sparsely populated state like Maine.

One town in Waldo County is special enough to have a dog park and is calling on those who want to help to get the park cleaned up for man's best friend, the furry companions who get to run free and have a good time at this location.

On Sunday, Belfast Dog Park posted on Facebook requesting the need of some special people who don't mind rolling their sleeves up to help clean up the park.

In the post, a call is being put out for volunteers in the area to join a crew Saturday, August 21st for a morning clean-up.

The post explains that the Parks and Rec department is having staff shortages and is now reaching out to anybody willing to volunteer to help with landscaping needs, such as mowing, weed whacking, weeding, and mulching.

If you are a frequent guest at the dog park maybe you can give back with the gratitude you have for this special spot for your precious canine. It is nice to have a dog park and it would be even nicer to be able to give back for the use of the location.

If you'd like to help, show up at 9 AM and bring some gardening tools.

I bet the doggie community in and around Belfast will be really happy that you did.

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