Have you tried to drive down Commercial Street in Portland this summer? On a busy day, it might take you 10 minutes to go from Becky's Diner to the Ferry Terminal. And parking? Forget about it. It feels like you need the greatest parking karma in the world or a personal note from your local congressperson to get a space. That being said, we've seen some pretty bad parking jobs in the Old Port this summer. We know it's still only August, but this parking job might take the Gold Medal for the Summer of 2021.

When is it ever ok to park ON a crosswalk? 

We found this one on Reddit. Sorry about the strong language!


What are the odds the person that parked on the crosswalk is from away? What do you guess....New York? Jersey? Massachusetts?

One other side note on this horrific parking job. Did you notice the lines on the crosswalk? Do they seem a bit, um, off to you? Were the people that painted the crosswalk drinking in the Old Port before they did this?

Here's an aerial photo of the "drunken crosswalk" outside of what used to be the Dry Dock:

Google Maps
Google Maps



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