This may be the greatest invention since the wheel

Time travel isn't possible yet, and there are no George Jetson style flying cars to zoom to work in either , but if you are a college student and you have the munchies at any give time of the day, the Pizza ATM is here!

At Ohio State University instead of withdrawing cash, you can order up a pre-made pizza that cooks in the ATM machines internal oven, and it only costs a very affordable $8 bucks for a 10-inch pie. The amazing part is that in just three little minutes you can enjoy your meal. Imagine the line for that machine around 1am on a Friday, or Saturday night after a raging kegger.

For now, the only options are pepperoni & cheese, but since they are selling several hundred pizzas each week, pretty soon the amount of toppings you want will be just a debit card away.

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