The woman who allegedly drove the getaway car in two weekend robberies on Stillwater Avenue is a former manager with the banking company she and her husband robbed.

The BDN reports 30-year-old Cara Blewitt of Oakville, Connecticut worked as a manager for TD Bank in her home state and was familiar with the security policies used by the company. When her husband, 29-year-old Seth Blewitt entered the TD Bank branch on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor, he allegedly demanded money and insisted the teller not include any dye packs or tracking devices. Cara waited in the couple's Volvo as Seth stole $500 from the bank on Sunday.

Then the couple allegedly robbed the Dollar Tree on Stillwater Avenue Monday, during which police say he wore a red ski mask and brandished a sawed-off shotgun. In that case, they got away with about $400.

Cara Blewitt was not an employee of TD Bank when she allegedly committed these crimes. There's no word on what the couple was doing in Bangor.


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