So you're stuck at home and figure "why not get a jump-start on your Spring Cleaning this year?"  There are a lot of folks taking advantage of this Stay At Home period to clean up their homes and yards. I went for a walk yesterday and found quite a lot of items already starting to pile up along the sidewalks and curbs. Which got me thinking "When's the Spring Cleaning" collection take place this year? If you're one of those Bangor residents who waits each year for the Public Works Spring Cleaning collection, you'll want to mark this date on your calendar.

According to the City's website, Spring Clean Up will take place April 27th this year. And there are a few important details you'll want to take notice of:

"Leaves must be placed on the edge of the road and should not have rocks, branches, or other yard waste mixed in. Crews will be making one pass only through the city for leaves. If your piles are not out by 6:30 a.m. on Monday, April 27, 2020, they will not get picked up."

The site says brush piles and leaves piles must be kept separate, with brush piles being away from low-hanging wires and garbage cans, parallel to the curb.

And if you have any metal to throw away, you may want to keep in mind Public Works does not accept " items containing Freon, no televisions, and no computer monitors please."

If you have Universal or E-waste like computers, TVs or light bulbs you can take them to Electronics End at 173 Robertson Boulevard in Brewer but you'll want to call them to let their coming, before hand. Their number is 207-922-2094.

And if you have any bulky items like furniture those go, for a fee, to the Pine Tree Waste Facility in Hampden.


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