There's not a lot of houses on the market in general right now but you can always count on a top tier of homes to fantasize about.  Here's Bangor's most expensive homes on the market according to

1. 454 State Street

Will Set You Back: $985,000

With 5 bedrooms and 3+ baths this mansion is a super fantasy with 6,584 square feet.  That's some mad heating bills.

2. 466 State Street

Will Set You Back: $979,000

Just down the road from the most expensive home in Bangor is the second most expensive.  This home boasts 6 bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms with 4,550 square feet of beautiful, spacious home right in the heart of Bangor between the Penobscot and the tree streets.  Complete with dentist chair!

3. 1026 Essex Street

Will Set You Back: $889,000

This home, situated between Burleigh Road and Grandview Ave on Essex Street, brings modern charm with an extravagant price tag.  It has 4 bedrooms and 3+ bathrooms on an in-town oasis of almost 14 acres.  Privacy and beauty at it's best in Bangor!

4. 59 Trillium Trail

Will Set You Back: $795,000

The circular repetition in architecture throughout this home makes this house feel even more luxurious than some of the more expensive houses on this list so far.  This house clocks in at a spacious 7,200 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and 3 half baths.  If you are a fan of craftsman style this is your dream home.

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