A welcoming announcement was released late Wednesday afternoon, a nice sunny warm afternoon, by the City of Bangor Parks and Recreation Department.

Dakin Pool in Bangor will open for evening swims beginning Tuesday, July 12th.

The hours will be 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

A few weeks ago Bangor Parks and Recreation announced there was a shortage of lifeguards and that the Dakin Pool would not open. At that time Beth Pancoe Aquatic Center did open for the summer season.

Bangor City Council heard questions and suggestions at a meeting that followed about potential solutions. They listened. And they also reached out to Brewer Parks and Recreation.

The plan that allows Dakin Pool to open Monday through Thursday evenings for swimming is a collaboration between the 2 cities' Parks and Rec departments. Lifeguards from  Brewer Parks and Recreation will be working for Bangor Parks and Recreation.

Dakin pool’s evening swim will have an admission fee of 50 cents for those 16 and under 16, and a fee of $1 for those 17 and older.

Two cities working together sharing resources making this all work out for community benefit.

Enjoy the pools. Here’s to a great summer of splashing fun.

And a great summer at a bigger body of water.

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