That's right! Bangor Housing put up a Facebook post announcing the completion of Bangor's very own splash pad.

The post states:

There is no way we could wait for #goodnuesday for this one...

It will open daily until 8pm, along with the playground and fitness equipment.

And, also a mention of a little block party action planned for August 22 with the grand opening of the splash pad?! Win-win, Bangor friends!

It is located off of Davis Road, in Downeast Circle, and the public is welcome!

We did a guide recently on where to find splash pads in the Bangor area to take the kiddos to, including a splash pad in Ellsworth, a couple in Old Town, and in Milford.  Check it out in case you live closer to these other areas and are looking for a place to cool down.

This new splash pad seems to be having some great feedback in the Facebook post's comments section.  Let us know your thoughts!  Have you visited yet?  What did you think?

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