The Bangor Region Y appears to be the latest downtown business to be affected by a string of break-ins across the city. 

According to the Y's Facebook Page, all programs and services, including both pools, had to be shut down Thursday.

"Our Y will now be CLOSED for the ENTIRE day (3/24). This includes ALL Programs & Services. We are not allowed into the building until Bangor PD has finished investigating the BREAK IN. Sorry for any inconvenience and THANK YOU for understanding."

Y officials said they were upset that so many families who rely on the Bangor Region Y for early morning and after-school care were impacted by the situation.

Y employees had to spend the day taking inventory of everything that was in each office that was ransacked, so they could get that information to the Detectives working on the case. Only then could they start the process of cleaning up the place.

The culprit did make it on to many of the security cameras set up throughout the building, but was savvy enough to change their hat and hide their face each time. The suspect made off with items, including some Sam's Club credit cards, which the individual then took to a local Walmart and maxed out with $2,400 worth of purchases.

The YMCA was open again on Friday.

The investigation is still ongoing. We will update the story when more details are released.

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