It is the largest Wiffle ball tournament in the state, and the way it got started is just so Maine.

Founder Wayne Harvey:

One of our daughters had a medical procedure which was non life threatening , but led to ongoing issues. And when she was in the hospital, we saw other families with children who were dealing with more dire situations and circumstances. The first thought that came to mind was ‘How do we help?’

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Wayne was a news anchor at WABI-TV5 then and that is when the first tourney was held in 2009.

Tropical Storm Danny hit and it was raining sideways that day, but we still raised $2 grand for Make A Wish Maine

The event is always the 3rd Saturday of August, and last year just over $21,700 was raised.

And the proceeds have always benefitted the kids of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Maine.

The Wayne in Wayne’s Wiffle for a Wish is, of course, 30-year Bangor radio/TV personality Wayne Harvey.

 Hey I know him

Courtesy Wayne Harvey
Courtesy Wayne Harvey

He’s on the left, holding the clipboard which has papers under the clip that are probably important to the tournament, hence both hands.

Speaking of hands, 3 fingers on each hand guys.

Courtesy Wayne Harvey
Courtesy Wayne Harvey

Here’s the team that has twice in the past threepeated.

There are kids' teams, too.

Courtesy Wayne Harvey
Courtesy Wayne Harvey

Help Make A Wish of Maine

If you want to be a spectator and supporter, you are welcome to attend this Saturday.

There are opportunities to help with the purpose of the tournament, and that is fundraising, so take your wallet. Socialize and do some good at the same time.

There are concessions, and raffle items and you do not need to be present to win. Also T-shirt sales. So go watch the games and you are part of the event too.

The tournament has raised a total of $166,400, and all profits help Make-A-Wish Maine do the amazing things they do.

Year 15 is this Saturday the 19th at Union Street Athletic Complex in Bangor.

And think of how much your participation means to those who are granted the wishes right here in Maine.

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