In November of 2021, the Bangor Water District started the process of upgrading its ozone system, releasing a statement letting residents know why their water might look a little off for a while.

"Ozone is used in our water treatment process to remove color from your water. During our upgrade, our ozone system will be offline. You may notice a slight discoloration of your water during this time."

The project was supposed to be completed in February of this year.

Last month, the General Manager of Bangor Water, Kathy Moriarty said the project had been slowed down, as many construction projects had, by Covid-related shipment issues, but hoped to have the new system online as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there seems to be another delay to the process, according to the information they released on Bangor Water District Facebook Page this week.

While the installation of the new ozone equipment at the treatment facility has finally been completed (after being held up by shipping delays of important stainless steel parts) employees of the district encountered another problem when they tried out the new system.

"In the process of testing the equipment, we encountered a programming issue that must be resolved before the new system can be up and running...Please know that Bangor Water continually monitors the water, and it continues to meet all quality standards. The mild discoloration you may notice is simply the natural color of the water at its source and remains safe to drink."

The post goes on to say that as soon as the issue is resolved, the Water District will start its flushing program to help move the new water through the piping system to the taps. At that point, they say the water coming through the new system should be crystal clear for all Bangor residents. Those who live closest to the Water District facility might notice the change sooner.

Officials from the Bangor Water District made sure to thank residents for their continued patience and support of the project.

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