Last fall, we were informed about a local Bangor area town looking to build a playground, one that is handicapped accessible. In October, we found that a car meet was being organized to get some money together to build a playground at the Bread of Life Community Church on Lindsey Road in Newburgh.

The Beginning of Fundraising Last Fall

At the onset of fundraising, the organizer of Mainely Money Pits, Rich Thompson, expressed his excitement for this new outdoor space for the kids of Newburgh and all around the area:  "(We) are really excited to make this happen for them. We were told there is only one playground in the town on the school property... So, we want to step In and make a fun safe place for all the kids to play."

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The Playground Vision

The vision of the playground has been planned out to be a small playground with swings, slides, and monkey bars.  Additionally, it is planned to have a covered area for the adults. The last pieces for this playground include a handicap-accessible swing and a fence around the playground.

The Latest In Fundraising Efforts

Now with nicer weather here and more money raising to go, another car meet has been organized this Sunday to continue the efforts to finish up fundraising for this playground.

Rich Thompson and Mainely Money Pits have put together 'Playground meet part 2', another car meetup for those looking to help out the fundraising efforts to build the playground. This will be the group's first meet of the year, who like to get together throughout the year for various fundraising efforts.

This Sunday the meet will take place from 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM and will feature fun things to do with the kids, including an Easter egg hunt. Money-raising efforts will also include a silent auction.

Keep up-to-date with this event by following the Facebook event page 'Playground meet part two' hosted by Rich Thompson and Mainely Money Pits.

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