Starbucks has gone through quite a bit of controversy this week after two African American men were arrested and escorted out of a Philadelphia Starbucks by police on Thursday, April 12th.

In response to recent events, Starbucks has just announced an afternoon of training to take place nationwide on May 29th.  It's 8000 stores will participate in training specific to racial-bias for all employees and staff members.

The event in Philadelphia was reported that police were called because the men came in, sat down and didn't order anything.  The men reported that they were waiting for a friend.  The incident was filmed by a customer and posted to twitter.

Starbucks responded a few days later with it's own tweet apologizing for the incident and stating that the company was reviewing it's policy due to the incident.

Two day after Starbucks' response, another video surfaced on Twitter of an African American man being denied access to the public restroom in a Southern California Starbucks.

Following this incident, CEO Keven Johnson of the coffee chain issued a video apology, personally apologizing to the men arrested in the incident and to the customers who witnessed it.  He also mentioned ways that the company will move forward addressing problems with management and meeting personally with law enforcement about the incident.

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