The Bangor Public Library recognizes what a difficult couple of years it has been for families in Maine, and have decided to give kids a free book this holiday season.

According to the Bangor Public Library Facebook Page, kids can

"Stop by the Youth Services Department and pick out a free book to keep as a thank you to all the amazing kids who have visited us this year. You make each day special just by being you."

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Michele Brosseau, Head of Youth Services for the BPL, says folks at the library really wanted to do something nice for the community.

"We had a large stash of books that were donated that were free giveaways from vendors, that weren't able to be put into the collection because we already had copies of or they were really small paperbacks that don't circulate well. And so we just had the thought that after the year that we've had, it would be really nice to do something extra special for the kids and make sure they all go home with a book that they can keep instead of having to bring back."

Brosseau says they have a little bit of everything to choose from.

"We have them for middle graders, for teens. Any kid, 0-18, can come get a book."

Brosseau says the Bangor Public Library will have cookies and coca and wintery crafts going on before the Greater Bangor Christmas Parade Saturday, so kids can come to get a book and participate in a fun family activity this weekend. The library will continue to give the books away until the supply is gone.

For information on more fun holiday activities planned at the Bangor Public Library, you can check out the calendar on their website by clicking here.

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