A motorcycle club made up of firefighters gave a huge gift to a waitress at Angler's Restaurant in Hampden, in answer to a worldwide challenge.

Who are the Red Knights?

The Red Knights ME VI is a great group of people. First of all, they've spent their careers fighting fires, which is awesome in itself. And now, as part of the Red Knights motorcycle club, they spend their free time fundraising and then give the money to a deserving person/organization.

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When this good-hearted group learned of a worldwide challenge issued by an out-of-state chapter, they decided it sounded like a great idea. Take the whole club out to eat and then surprise the server with a huge tip. So they started working on their own plan to meet the challenge, including taking nominations for deserving servers and finding a corresponding eatery that could accommodate all of them.

Who Was the Lucky Server?

Anglers Restaurant via Facebook/releon 8211, ThinkStock(1)
Anglers Restaurant via Facebook/releon 8211, ThinkStock(1)

On Wednesday night, the Red Knights ME VI, all 22 of them, went to Angler's Restaurant in Hampden. Their waitress was Emma Gagnon, who had been nominated prior to their arrival. She didn't know that, however, and the Red Knights wondered, on their Facebook page, if she figured she'd gotten the 'short straw.' I mean, think about it. She got a banquet room full of people in biker vests to wait on and probably worried they'd get a little rowdy. But they said she smiled and was very sweet with all of them.

The Tip...

When the meal was over, a member of the club presented her with a Christmas card and encouraged her to open it. When she did, she found a $1,200 tip. I'm guessing that's going to make her holidays a lot brighter. On their Facebook page, the Red Knights said 'You handled twenty-two guests, all in stride, with a smile on your face. That's you being you. Don't change being you.'

Congratulations, Emma! Sounds like it's well-deserved.

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