Have you ever heard of “Sober October”? Never heard of it until yesterday when a Facebook post from a friend of mine talked about not drinking this month.

And then I saw a message from Bangor Public Health & Community Services asking if readers were participating in the challenge.

Well, yes, but when did Sober October become a ‘thing’? Most people like to know about different movements, and people doing challenges and activities etcetera.

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The Bangor Public Health & Community Services organization is asking us to track how many days sober, how much money you have saved, give shout-outs to others reaching the same goal as you, and the positive changes you have noticed.

All sounds good, although stopping drinking is such a private and personal decision, that it might strike some as intrusive to tell them to give up drinking even for a month.  Isn’t that what family and friends discuss less publicly.

Not knocking the effort.  Personally, I stopped drinking a long time ago. But you do your thing.

However, think of this. If you drink 4 beers a week and do that from age 21 for the rest of your life, the cost is north of $30 grand. Lotta money. Maybe Sober October will become more popular and commonplace as the years pass.

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