Bikers for Boobies

Bikers for Boobies is the gateway event for Q 97.9's Cans for a Cure. 2021 marked the 3rd annual bike run hosted by the Vacation Land V-Twin Cruisers Motorcycle Club.

This year, the ride started and ended at Big Moose Harley-Davidson in Portland with the ride stopping at a stunning overlook and in Cornish.

As always the Vacation Land V-Twin Cruisers were well represented as well as the Hooligan Riders and a handful of other clubs, groups, and individuals showing their support.

The Ride

Despite some rain along the way it was an incredible day. Lori and I got some Loupy Bandz to help us look the part and were the chaser car in the Q-Mobile. During our pit-stop in Cornish, we decided to stop by and say, "Hi" to our friends at Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub where we were then treated to a bunch of food thanks to the Anastasiadis brothers of Fairgrounds.

There was a raffle, auction, and a food truck. All in all, $6,542 were raised with all the money benefiting The Maine Cancer Foundation.

Big shout out to everyone who came to support and, in case you missed it, join us next year and take a look at all the fun this year!

Bikers for Boobies 2021

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