The Bangor Police Department says the rumor is not true that a person was arrested for not wearing a mask in a store.

A post on the department's Facebook page details how this type of situation would go down. Stores have signage that explains their policy of requiring masks inside their establishment. It's not their choice, so much as a state mandate that masks be worn in public places. But, it doesn't really matter who made the rule. If a store has a policy, it applies to everyone (with a few possible exceptions), like the age-old 'no shirt, no shoes, no service.' that we're all more familiar with.

If someone walks into said store without a mask, or without shoes, the management team has the right to tell them to either put on the mask (or shoes) or leave the premises. When the person refuses to comply with the policy and refuses to leave, that's when the police are called. The charge connected with refusing to leave an establishment, after being asked to do so, is Criminal Trespassing.

Lieutenant Tim Cotton says that officers will reiterate the request, when they arrive at the scene. If the person leaves, then that's most likely the end of it. If they still refuse, they could be given a summons that says they're not allowed back into the business for a certain period of time. If they leave after receiving the summons, they will only get arrested if they decide to go back to the business. That's considered criminal trespassing because the person is entering the establishment when they legally cannot be there. (kind of like violating a temporary restraining order)

It is possible to be arrested during the initial call if, after the person has received the summons, they still refuse to leave. Cotton says it's up to the individual whether or not to comply. Police are only there to enforce the law.

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