Have you ever received a dollar bill with a message scrawled in the margins of the well-traveled buck? Of course, defacing currency is technically illegal if the money cannot be redistributed. Writing on cash isn't specifically illegal, because it can still be used, but it lead to an ironic situation for one Bangor Maine Police Officer as he collected his change at a convenience store.

In clear black Sharpie ink, the messenger proudly wrote, "This was spent on marijuana." The sentence is completed with a yellow smiley face.

I wonder if the writer knew that the five dollar bill would land in the hands of a uniformed officer?

The author of the post writes:

You probably figured that this five-spot, emblazoned with your message, would be returned as change to an ordinary citizen who does not wear a fairly recognizable uniform and is not subject to random drug testing as a condition of employment. You probably never considered our dilemma of trying to make a decision on where to spend this monetary billboard without bringing too much attention to ourselves.

The best part though, is what the officer ultimately decided to spend the cannabis cash on.

For the record it was used it to buy snacks. We felt it is what you would have wanted.


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