And as always, they do it with a sense of humor!

Sometimes during a long, snowy winter, a snowplow can be very unforgiving. With this in mind, the funny folks behind the Bangor Police Department Facebook page posted a helpful reminder to make sure you are prepared, with some helpful tips to make sure you aren't picking up your mail in the middle of the road.

After putting this up on Facebook, the power of their 331,000 followers was in full force, as many people weighed in with their stories during various winters.

Here are few choice resposnes:

Patricia Balentine
After losing several mailboxes over the years, my husband attached ours on a post with a spring on the bottom. When hit, the mailbox would just bounce around. It was like those playground ride-on bouncy things. Never had to look down the road for an errant box again.

TJ Burgoyne
Dad had a cure for the free mailbox removal service our local DOT used to offer. He stuck a log truck stake into the ground until only the top 4ft was visible. Snow plow only tried it once. The snow plow lost the battle and limped home in defeat.

Merrill Pearson Bloor
The winter of 2015, we lost our mailbox under DPW induced snow piles. The post office wouldn't deliver the mail until we made other arrangements. We bought the cheapest mailbox we could find and then dug a hole in the aforementioned snow pile, shoved said mailbox into it, and the mail recommenced. Yay.

Kats Peterson
We have lost several over the years, though only once to a plow despite the fact our box is out on a 4-lane highway. Most often, it is baseball bats and lousy (or just mean) drivers that the box falls victim to. We now have it affixed to its post with metal strapping because someone stole the box - just ripped it off the post - last time

Cheryl White Rankin
In Hudson, Maine, a guy hit our mailbox that was secured (badly) in a big antique milk can. He then loaded the can, mailbox and all into his truck and took off before I could get my boots on to talk to him. First ever mailbox-napping?

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