A Bangor man faces several charges after he allegedly displayed a gasoline container and threatened to burn down a residence on I Street in Bangor.

Matthew Gormley, 33, of Bangor faces charges including criminal threatening, terrorizing, criminal mischief and refusal to submit to arrest.

Police arrested Gormley after responding to a report he made the threats at 11:54 p.m. on Tuesday.

Police went to Gormley’s residence and made repeated attempts to speak with him but, Gormley was not cooperative, according to police. Officers discovered evidence indicating Gormley’s alleged threat was legitimate. By this time, Gormley had secured himself inside his residence and, was refusing to come out, police said.

Members of the department's Special Response Team (S.R.T) and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D) team along with our Crisis Negotiators responded to the scene.

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Police deployed an robot to safely approach Gormley’s residence. The robot allowed a police negotiator to (remotely) attempt communication with Gormley. A short while later, Gormley exited his residence but refused to comply with officer commands.

Officers used a less lethal weapon to help subdue Gormley. He was safely taken into custody immediately afterwards.

Gormley remains incarcerated and is expected to go to court on Friday.

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