The Bangor Mall is open again, but with new hours and new rules of operation. The Mall, which closed like many stores at the end of March due to concerns following the Covid-19 Pandemic, stated that they would open again on June 1st, but they've shifted their hours to 11AM-7PM Monday through Saturday, and 11AM-5PM on Sunday.

But the hours aren't the only things changing. For one, The Mall, which up until it closed in March, had been a popular spot for those who like to walk laps in an enclosed building, will no longer permit "mall walking". They have also designated one central entrance, the main entrance between JC Penney’s and Furniture Mattress and More. Patrons are being discouraged to enter the building through any of it's other doors.

There will also be a limit on the number of people allowed in The Mall at one time. Excluding the big anchor stores like Dicks, Penney's and The Furniture shop, which all have their own entrances and will be restricting numbers within their own shops, Management at the mall says customers should be ready to wait in line.

According to the Bangor Mall Facebook Page, "Most stores will have a 5 customer at a time limit...The mall will have a capacity of 100 customers at one time. The food court will be closed with very limited seating placed to encourage social distancing".

Along with stepped up sanitation protocols, restrictions on rentals of strollers, and encouraging people to shop alone, officials with the Bangor Mall say fitting rooms will be closed until further notice. They also encourage people not to loiter in common areas, and to be careful not to let folks in through doors other than the designated entrance.

Like most stores across the state, The Mall is suggesting shoppers wear masks while shopping. The post says there will also be hand sanitation stations set up for customers to use throughout the building.

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