Of all the things out there...

I won't lie. I have kind of an addictive personality. I eat a little too much, sometimes I enjoy an extra adult beverage here and there, but I always try to keep one foot on the ground with things like that. But of all things, considering the era I grew up in, and being a musician, etc... Sometimes I can't believe I never started smoking.

Both my parents did, as well as all my grandparents. So maybe it was just enough of a turn-off to keep me out of it. Not all parents are so lucky. According to the BDN, lots of kids are still at least trying it. Maybe not as many as when I was a kid, but enough of a number that we should probably all be concerned.

The kids who are trying it, looooove the flavored stuff

Bangor City Council's government operations committee unanimously voted last night to keep pushing forward with the ban on flavored tobacco here in Bangor. Turns out, 85% of high schoolers who try/use tobacco, prefer tobacco that's flavored. Who wouldn't?! It's revolting! Seventy-five percent of middle schoolers said the same thing.

This would ban the sale of menthol cigarettes, as well as e-liquids that have any flavor, other than regular tobacco. So local businesses who continue to sell them could face a warning, and then a $50 to $100 fine for an additional offense within a two-year period after the initial warning. Then a fine of $300 to $1,000 could be charged for any more violations in the two-year period.

Obviously, this won't sit as well with residents, but only one person spoke against it at last night's meeting, pointing out it's already illegal for kids, so kind of what's the point in general? Well, in my humble, non-parental opinion, doing anything that keeps kids healthy and safe should be anyone's priority, right?

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