I'm actually surprised it hasn't happened until now. With so many students distance- learning and attending classes online, through Zoom, the opportunity for someone to either accidentally or intentionally appear in some state of undress or be watching something inappropriate in the background, during a student's class, seems very high to me.

While an accidental "Zoom Bomb" as it's called, is one thing, the repercussions to everyone involved, when it's done on purpose, can be far-reaching, unfortunately.

Students at Bangor High School were allegedly exposed to pornographic content by a fellow classmate this week. The incident occurred during an online class that was meeting via Zoom.

According to an article posted to the Bangor Daily News Facebook Page, the incident lasted just over 5 minutes, at the very beginning of the class as the teacher was taken attendance. They said Bangor High School Principal Paul Butler sent an email was sent home to parents explaining the ordeal.

"The student who displayed the nudity was likely posing as a member of the class, and had possibly gotten into the class after receiving a link to the class from another student. The teacher had taken all the necessary preventative steps in setting up the session and responded appropriately when alerted to the content by the other students in the class, who are to be credited for doing so."

Bangor school officials claimed this is the first such incident that's happened, but parents on social media seemed to suggest otherwise. 

And while it may seem like an simple juvenile prank to some, according to Maine Law (you can look it up for yourself right here: Title 17 Crimes, Chapter 93-A ) it's technically a felony for anyone to display obscene material to minors, with a  penalty of up to 5 years and/or a $5,000 fine. That's a pretty serious consequence.

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