Over the weekend, Bangor's Comic and Toy Convention team completed another year of its Bangor Comic and Toy Convention here in the Queen City.  To add to their busy weekend, the Bangor Comic and Toy Con added an announcement into the mix that brought joy to Southern Maine Comicon fans.

BCTC's weekend announcement

After several years of bringing the comic and toy convention to Bangor, Bangor Comic & Toy announced that they are doubling up.  The organization announced over the weekend that not only will they continue to bring the annual comic and toy con to Bangor but will soon be pulling double duty and bringing their convention to Maine's largest city, Portland, as well, starting in 2023.

The early details of a second Comicon in Maine

The convention already has dates set for its first comic convention in Portland set for April 28, 29, and 30 at the Cross Insurance Arena and Aura. The group has already announced six guests for next year's show.

Video still from NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube
Video still from NEWS CENTER Maine via YouTube

The Maine Comic and Toy Con website is already up and running, dubbing the 3-days of next years' convention as 'Three amazing days of pure geek fun!'

2023's change for events

So, with the Portland Comicon taking place in April in 203, what does this mean for the Bangor Comicon? It means the OG is here to stay but will no longer be taking place in April. That month will be designated for the Portland convention. Instead, Bangor will have its convention in October.

For more about the additional convention for next year's comic book and toy fandom here in Maine, check out the Maine Comic and Toy Con website.

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