After a busy weekend, Bangor Comic & Toy Con isn't resting on it's laurels, they are ready to go again in 2022!

The 2021 edition just wrapped up, but Bangor Comic & Toy Con has announced that they will return in just six short months, Friday, April 22nd, Saturday, April 23rd, and Sunday, April 24th, and it will once again be held at the Bangor Mall.

The Bangor Comic & Toy Con 2022, will once again feature a dazzling display of pop culture, comics, autographs, gaming, horror, sci-fi, cosplay, collectibles, and several well known artists writers.

This past weekend, they returned for their 5th year, with an impressive lineup. There was a Clerks Reunion, that featured Jay Mewes, Brian O'Halloran, (who was nice enough to stop by the Z Morning Show on Friday) and Jeff Anderson. Other notable guests included Sherilyn Fenn, of "Twin Peaks" fame, and she also just happened to date a guy you might have heard of named, Prince, and legendary actor, and retired professional wrestler, Mick Foley. The list of famous folks seems to get bigger each and every year.

Of course as the date gets closer, we will have all the details on the lineup for 2022. Until then, there are a bunch of videos posted from the event, and it looks like everyone had a great time. Some people really got into the spirit of things, with some pretty cool costumes. In fact, Brian O'Halloran had so much fun, that he even got up and did a rousing rendition of "Creep" from Radioheaad, at an after party, hosted by our friends at Season's Downunder Club!

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