Hey Bangor, hot enough for ya?

You know it is a full-fledged heat wave, when even Bangor area schools will be closed today for remote learning. We are looking at a couple of days of intense heat. Monday, and Tuesday, temps will be in the 90s ,which can come as a bit of a shock to the system in the early part of June. Also, there is Heat Advisory in effect this afternoon for inland locations. An Air Quality Warning is also in effect for today, so the point is, if you don't have to be outdoors for long periods of time, it would probably be best to stay cool, and of course, stay hydrated as well. Keep your eye on pets, and elderly folks as well.

According to our pal, Todd Simcox, all of Maine is gearing up for a couple days of this, and that can be brutal if you don't have air conditioning. I personally have a sky window in my bedroom, which makes mounting an AC unit impossible. With the thought of sweating to death firmly in mind, there are ways to make getting through the day a little less unpleasant.

In this helpful video there are several great tips to keep cool, including, closing your windows in the morning, cooling down a room with a wet towel and wet floor, changing your bed linen, using ceiling fans, choosing the right clothing for sleeping, shutting off lights when not in use, drinking plenty of water, and freezing a few bottles or other containers with water, and placing them in front of a fan, which will blow cool air throughout the room. a trick which I have successfully tried!

Use these tips and stay cool!

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