A few years ago, we reported about a special little candy business in Bangor closing its doors in 2019. Now, 3 years later, the former owner of Specialty Sweets, among other previous Bangor businesses, Eliza Butler, went to Facebook Sunday evening to talk about a private battle her and her family have undergone in the years since the closing of their business.

The beginning of Eliza's diagnosis

The heartbreaking story begins with a visit to the doctor about an unusual lump in Butler's armpit. What was considered not worrisome due to her being a constantly breastfeeding mom, became cancer. She became diagnosed with cancer in 2021 but it is believed that the original doctor's visit about the mass in her armpit could have caught her cancer early.

Her current progressed diagnosis

Now, Butler, her husband, and kids are now living through Eliza's stage 4 terminal breast cancer that has spread to her bones and lungs. Butler explains that she had been utilizing chemotherapy to treat her cancer but has since stopped treatment. Her specialists are saying Butler's cancer has progressed to the point where alternative therapies are being tried with a prognosis of months to live.

According to Eliza's video, time is of the essence with her diagnosis and possible prognosis.

As of Monday morning, the video had been viewed 26,000 times with hundreds of comments to the Butler family and this difficult time they are facing.

Help the Butler family

You can help the Butler family by stopping by this Saturday at a hot cocoa stand set up for the family at the Springer Drive plaza where Specialty Sweets was once housed, next to the Christmas Tree Shop. This 3-hour event starts at 11 AM and money will be raised to help the family. Eliza will be facetiming throughout the event and a journal will be onsite to share your thoughts and love.

A gofund me has also been set up.

Eliza's final thought in the video is advice to pay attention to your body and to be vigilant and thorough if there is ever a reason for concern.

Our thoughts go out to Eliza and her family during this difficult time and can see, through the reactions and comments on the video, that the Bangor area community is helping to emotionally and financially help this family in their time of need.


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