According to this week's forecast, Thanksgiving day is supposed to be cold! With the windchill, we're talking below zero cold! Which is why it caught my attention when the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter put out a call for gloves and hats for their guests. It's going to be very important that folks who are outside, are dressed for and protected from the elements this winter.

I called over to the shelter to get the specifics and they said they're being asked, every day, for gloves and hats. The bigger the better, so they'll fit everyone. The lady I spoke with said a gentleman had just been in looking for a hat to cover his ears.

They said they're always open, and will take donations right at the Bangor Area Homeless Shelter. If its in the evening, you can call (207) 947-0092 ahead of time and they'll make sure someone knows to open the door. For more information, you can click here. 

Hands of homeless with a paper cup

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