It might not be the thing that you want to hear in the middle of a beautiful August here in Maine, but, as Ned Stark liked to warn his kids... Winter is coming!

The Maine-based Farmers' Almanac seasonal publication his hitting shelves this week, and it's predicting quite the winter here in the Northeastern United States. They're calling for above-average snowfall and very cold temperatures from Maryland to Maine this winter, with at least five coastal storms in the mix too.

But here's the thing... the Farmers' Almanac is considered a type of "fake news" by many in the scientific community. According to WCSH6, the Almanac uses all kinds of pseudoscience to make weather predictions, like frequency of sunspots and tidal observations, and other indicators that modern climatologists and meteorologists don't consider relevant to long-term forecasting.

The Farmers' Almanac is 200 years old this year, and still not afraid to go against the grain and make extended outlook predictions for seasons ahead.

Here's the thing that interests me: How often are they completely right? How often do they totally miss the call? It might be interesting to look back at their predictions, and how they stacked up to what actually happened.

Either way, though... don't move that scraper! Keep it right in the front seat. You're gonna need it!

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