Pay attention to the road, you never know who may be watching!

A YouTuber named FwyDriver has gone to painstakingly huge levels to capture some of Maine and New Hampshire’s worst drivers. Most of these clips are pre-COVID-19, back in January, February and March, before we all went into a three month long hibernation. Now that we are all back on the highways and byways again, this is a good refresher course on how to navigate the roads safely. You may even get a little nostalgic for winter weather driving, since that seems like it was a million years ago.

In this particular video, Cumberland, Hancock, Penobscot & York counties are represented, and in New Hampshire, there are videos from Rockingham and Stratford counites.

Lane hogs, people who either don't use their blinkers, or leave them on, texting while driving, and cutting people off are just a few of the annoying habits of drivers. Armed with a dash cam, one man drives around the state to capture the offenders, in the latest edition of "Bad Drivers of Maine"

Keep your eyes peeled for some highlights from Bangor, and up on campus at the University of Maine.

To refresh your memory, here are some of the most common bad driving habtits:
1. Tailgating
2. Failing to indicate
3. Hogging the middle lane
4. Dangerous overtaking
5. Hogging the outside lane
6. Jumping traffic lights
7. Undertaking
8. Being slow away from traffic lights
9. Hesitant braking
10. Last-minute braking

Here is another, older Bad Drivers of Maine video for you to enjoy. Safe travels this holiday weekend everyone!!

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